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*Paid Parking for the season has ended - All lots are free*

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Parking & access information for Estes Park visitors & residents
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paid parking started may 28, 2021

nobody loves paid parking
except the government

The Town of Estes Park has designated 773 spaces to be paid in areas they determined would be in the highest demand. Not everyone supports paid parking. Many residents and business owners are against the message it sends, as well as the confusion and burden it puts on everyone, for what benefit?
Business owners have created this site to provide a local perspective to
help navigate during your visit, and collect feedback about your experience.
We LOVE visitors and are proud to share our community with you.

Not all spaces are paid

in town paid parking

Best bet: DDD (Daytime Designated Driver). Drop off the family downtown and park in the garage at the East end of town. it takes a few minutes to walk from the garage to the center of downtown- unless you stop and chat or window shop or snack or....

Paid parking runs from May 28 - Oct 17, 2021

Plan ahead if you want to visit

rocky mtn national park

Entry to the National Park (RMNP) will generally be by appointment during the highest demand times, and requires some planning to see on your terms. Make a reservation for your time slot to enter the park, and pay the entry fee. 

Show up at the gate without planning ahead and you too will be angry at the federal government.

Timed entry runs from May 28 - Oct 11, 2021

Get around like a local

local navigation strategies

In addition to the secret, locals only, Elkhorn Tunnel, there are some real life strategies that will relieve the stress of stopping at every traffic light and going 11 miles per hour or less. Unless you like that pace, like a lot of visitors do.

There's not really a tunnel, but there are some 'secret' parking lots.