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estes parking user survey

We are collecting user data to share with the Town of Estes Park during an upcoming session to "evaluate the first year of paid parking". We will record and share your name and home address as written. We will discard any obvious spam or prank submissions.
We want honest feedback. Please include your email for contact if we need to validate your submission, we will not include your email with any shared results. Not including a valid email may result in your submission being discarded.

Survey takes less than 2 minutes if all questions are answered. THANK YOU
Rev.  6/16/21

Name Email Hometown Who are you? How did paid parking affect your trip downtown? The Town is collecting data to decide whether to keep paid parking after this first year. Should the Town of Estes Park charge for parking? In your own words, what impression does paid parking give you about Estes Park? (optional) Additional comments about paid parking in Estes Park Submit