public lands are for the people?

Plan ahead to visit Rocky Mtn Natl park

The park service will again use a timed entry system for access to the National Park (RMNP), from May 28 - Oct 11, 2021. If you don't have a plan, you might not enjoy the park on your terms....

The focus of this website is not the park reservation system, and any feedback we receive will be forwarded to Rocky Mountain National Park. Or, send them a message directly via the park service page below.

You need a pass to get in

Everyone has to pay to get through the gate, even if you have a reserved time. The cheapest way in is $25 for one vehicle for one day. There are options below:

RMNP Entrance Fees

Take note! If you're buying an annual pass (cheaper than 3 one day passes), it may be better to purchase it at the park entrance. Review details at the link above.

you need an appointment

Going to Bear Lake?
Reservations req'd from 5am to 6pm.

For the rest of the park or passing through, reservations req'd from 9am to 3pm.

Don't expect to arrive at 8:50am. The time you get to the entry gate seems to be the time that counts, not time in the line.

RMNP Timed Entry Info Page

Reservation page (costs more $$)

Tips and tricks

If you're going anywhere except Bear Lake corridor, enter before 9am or after 3pm. This includes driving over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake. You still need an entry pass, but you don't need a reserved time. Once you're in, you're in, unless you leave- and then you must wait until the reservation period ends for the day (3 or 6pm) to get back in.

Take some time to review the park website for tips that will improve your visit experience.

Official RMNP Website

petition for changeĀ 

There is dark cloud over the 'timed reservation' system, questioning the restriction of public lands and the process of admitting users on a schedule. Gaming the system is just one issue stealing availability from many Americans who merely want to visit 'their national park' - who are turned away at the gate.

Sign the petition.