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Information to use in your business to navigate the 2021 'pilot program' called paid parking. Don't be fooled, the local government intent is to keep this program forever, unless taxpayers push back or replace the trustees and mayor. All viable options.
Full transparency: This site is a result of the Town Boards decision to implement paid parking with minimal actual public input, using a false pretense of improving parking and traffic. At it's core the program is about extracting money before visitors even have the chance to support local merchants. The sponsors of this site do not support paid parking, but are willing to present facts and gather input from our guests who support our businesses and community, despite the tactics of the local government.

pay, but avoid xtra fees

Caution, the "ParkMobile" app adds fees you're not expecting, and might make you angry.

We are not including the ParkMobile app on this site intentionally, you're on your own.

Bonus warning- if you rack up some unpaid fees, our town trustees gave special permission to apply "The Barnacle" to your windshield so you cant see to drive your car until you pay with a credit card, and then return The Barnacle to a deposit box- or be charged even more money, money, money.

Town parking map

Paid parking May 28 - Oct 17, 2021

Beware the extra fees for using the ParkMobile app. 

There are two separate apps, the "Estes Park Parking App" which is totally free to download and use to find available parking (links to download are above this map).

The ParkMobile app is to pay for parking, and is managed by a contractor to take as much of your money as possible through convenience fees. Alternately you can pay for parking by using a freestanding payment kiosk located around town with a credit card or paper currency.